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We want to ensure that you receive the exact cutters and other parts that you require. This may entail extra effort on your part and our part on the first order. The exact edges and bevels you need might be different than industry standards.

The safest method is for you to send us a print or a used blade, and our engineers will examine the type of steel, the bevel angles and the type of edge. Probabilities are that they know the exact measurements of the original blade. The outside diameter must be re-confirmed prior to production.

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Kassa Cutters USA®

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Phone: (913) 438-7860

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*Brand names and trademarks published herein are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Kassa Cutters® USA has no association or affiliation with Weber®, Formax®, Schindler & Wagner®, Thurne®, Treif®, GEA/CFS®, Natec®, Alpma®, Victor®, Berkel®, Hobart®, Omas® and Toledo® and do not offer genuine parts. Kassa Cutters® USA supplies compatible high quality replacement parts.